Professional Painters Montgomery, AL

Prattville Paint Company is Montgomery’s preferred painter, with over 20 years of painting experience and hundreds of houses painted; we make sure that you get the quality paint job you deserve.  Ironically, the majority of our time spent is preparing the surfaces for paint.  Insuring that you have the best substrate to paint guarantees the paint will last as long as possible.  Whether it is pressure washing, scraping, cleaning, or peeling the existing surfaces, we do it right the first time.

Exterior Painters Montgomery, AL

We might not judge a book by its cover, but we sure judge a residence or business by its outside appearance. If your Montgomery home or business is in need of a paint job, Prattville Paint Company is here to help you. Our professional paint crew can treat and paint any surface of your home or business. A good paint job starts with the preparation stage. We will examine, clean, wash, scrap, or peel your existing paint to extend the lifetime of your new paint job. If your home or business needs a fresh coat of paint then give Prattville Paint Company a call for a free, no hassle quote.

Interior Painters Montgomery, AL

Prattville Paint Company is Montgomery’s preferred painter. With over 20 years of painting experience, our work speaks for itself. We make sure our customers get a quality paint job, exceeding your expectations. We go the extra mile, taking time to prep every surface before we begin painting. Making sure your surface is ready for a new coat of paint is the single most important step in ensuring the maximum lifetime of a paint job. We will pressure wash, scrap, clean, or peel the existing surface so that we do the job the right way the 1st time around. If you want dependable, professional, and affordable paint service, give us a call today for a free quote.

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